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Anyone at Any Age Can Learn A New Language Even Lawyers

Be CuriousForeign Language learning is involving in the beginning. Even the most renowned polyglots swear by this fact. However, the lessons get easier with time. Most language tutors state that only ten out of every twenty students complete a foreign language course. The other half gives up along the way. So, which are these factors that hinder learners from successfully learning a foreign language?

1. Lack of curiosity

A foreign language is a strange thing that you have never experienced. As a result, it calls for interest from students to succeed. Your attitude towards the target culture and language determines how successful you emerge. Learners who are naturally curious tend to be more receptive and ready to interact with native speakers to learn the language intensively.

2. Rigid thinking

According to linguists, students with poor tolerance of ambiguity pose a problem in learning a new language. Learning a foreign language involves encounters with new and unfamiliar words, grammar rules and sentence structures. During learning, you need to avoid jumping to the dictionary every time you come across a new word. Guessing is recommended before getting the actual answer. Students who only want to give exact answers get stressed and disoriented in a class of open-minded learners.

3. A single methodlearn any language

Language learning requires diversification in the learning methods. A student who only equips himself with a single textbook, a video clip or a listen-and-repeat drill is not likely to go far. A single process will make you get bored of the monotony. Develop a variety of ways to learning the language. Again, when enrolling for the language course, be sure to opt for one focusing on the four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing.

4. The fear to speak

Most people are afraid of making mistakes in the pronunciation and speaking in general. While you may be perfect in the writing form of a language, speaking is the only sure way to make it successfully. If you want to emerge a winner in your language of choice, you need to set shyness aside and earn confidence. Making mistakes mean you are trying. Keep practicing and you will eventually perfect it. Remember that the more you speak the faster you improve your skills.

5. Taking it all ‘serious’

Language learning needs to be a fun exercise. Whether conversing, playing and even attending events that require you to speak in that language. Joke about the funny sounds and accents of this language. Converse with native speakers and learn their accent and sound combination. This is the only way to learn the language stress-free. People who take it all serious strain to pull through the journey. Some students also learn the language in isolation. Perfecting language skills require involving other people so as to learn when your mistakes.

You are now informed. If you can avoid all the above tips, you will surely make it successfully. Dedication and interest are the key factors that determine how far you will go. So, remain positive and focused throughout the learning process.