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Anyone at Any Age Can Learn A New Language Even Lawyers

englishThe world is fast getting tightly connected than ever before. From the world business, to career life to the different cultures that demand the close knit of many people. All this has necessitated the need to learn several languages. Learning a second language also helps in a better functioning of your brain and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. However, not every language is marketable. Well, what do you need to learn?

1.       English

Although not the most spoken world language, most countries use it as the official language. Top films, music and books are also published in English. Half of the internet content is also in English. Learning English is a valuable investment.

2.       French

French is otherwise called the language of love. French gained its dominance even before the English language. Over 40 countries in the world speak French. They include the largest industrialized territories- Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, The UK and the USA. French is also the second largely used language on the internet. If you are hoping to get into the European Business market, then get ready to learn French.

3.       Mandarin

Mandarin is the official language used by the Republic of China. Over one billion people speak Mandarin. Learning this language will give you a great advantage to venture into the world’s second largest economy of China and other Asian countries. However, this language needs a lot of attention since most English speakers regard it quite difficult.

4.       Arabicarabic alphabet

The Arabic language has more than 300 million speakers in the world. For anyone who wishes to venture into the petroleum and defense industries, then learning Arabic will come in handy.

5.       Spanish

Spanish is an official language in more than 20 countries in Europe and the United States. The language is ideal for domestic and international businesses in the US. Additionally, Spanish is easy to learn and very popular in American Universities.

6.       German

Surprisingly, German is not an official U.N language. However, German is widely spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland among other European countries. German has a common origin with English, and this makes it easy to learn. Although the language sounds a bit gritty, it is a must learn for anyone wishing to venture into the European economy.

7.       Japanesejapanese dictionary

Native English speakers regard Japanese difficult to learn. It has a complicated three alphabet system that makes it even harder. However, with dedication, Japanese can be learnt within a short while. With Japan being an innovative country in the electronics and animation industries, The Japanese language becomes a necessity.

8.       Computer programming languages

It is not a people language but rather a machine talk. The world has gone all technical with advances in technology. Computers are not any longer a luxury but a necessity in every person’s life. Learning the computer programming language will make your everyday encounter with a computer easy. Some of these languages you can learn include HTML, JavaScript, Perl and C++. The best thing about computer language is that there is no worry of a funny accent.

Above are the eight most in demand languages across the globe. You do not have to learn all of them. Pick what works for you and invest in it.