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Anyone at Any Age Can Learn A New Language Even Lawyers

duolingoWhile there are hundreds of language apps available, not all of them, give the desired results. There are only a few of these apps that have been tested and rendered best for anyone wishing to learn a new language. Here, we shall dive into the best language apps that are fun and educative.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is the best-rated app for learning a new language. In the recent years, it has gained recognition from Google, play store and Appstore. The app is interactive and ideal for individuals who love gaming. Users receive points every time they submit a correct answer. Learning is through repetition, speaking and conversations. As the user progresses, the lessons get a bit complicated. Duolingo focuses on the commonly used tenses to allow users quickly learn their language of choice.

2. Babbel

Babbel works the same way as Duolingo. The typical activities in the app are repetition and completion of phrases. Babbel offers German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and French languages. Users can download the app in the preferred language. Downloading the app is free, but a monthly subscription of $11 is required.  The best thing with this app is the ability of users to set benchmarks for learning as well as monitoring their progress.

3. Memrise

The app’s interface is quite welcoming and as the name suggests it uses a system aimed at memorizing different words. It incorporates planting of a new memory, watering it and taking care of the memory to be long term. Memrise is the app is free to download.

4. Busuu

Fluent In 3 MonthsBusuu is one of the most used apps by most people learning languages. It has 12 languages at disposal, and it gives users a chance to learn the four language skills. Members are encouraged to listen and speak their language of interest through interaction with native speakers on the site. After every lesson, a test conversation is offered. The user receives a video recording belonging to a different person, and he is requested to send a response after listening to it. It helps members to improve their foreign language skills easily.

5. MindSnacks

The app gives its users a platform to understand a variety of foreign languages and cultures. There is a total of 11 fun and interactive lessons designed for its members. The lessons are in the form of puzzles organized depending on each user’s proficiency.

6.  Brainscape

Brainscape uses flashcards to teach language to its users. The app is best for the Mandarin language. Brainscape has a unique tool with brush strokes to enable users to understand how to draw different symbols in the language. Although the app is free to download, some content is limited. Unlocking full content requires one to pay $19.99.

7.  AnkiApp

AnkiApp is the best for anyone wishing to learn Japanese.  AnkiApp uses flashcards to allow users memorize the various Japanese words. There are also quick sessions where members can challenge their skills. However, this app is not free but downloadable at $24.99

Don’t fall victim of online scams. Above are the best language apps that are guaranteed to help you learn the language of choice. All you need now is dedication and willingness to learn.