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Anyone at Any Age Can Learn A New Language Even Lawyers

duolingoWhile there are hundreds of language apps available, not all of them, give the desired results. There are only a few of these apps that have been tested and rendered best for anyone wishing to learn a new language. Here, we shall dive into the best language apps that are fun and educative.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is the best-rated app for learning a new language. In the recent years, it has gained recognition from Google, play store and Appstore. The app is interactive and ideal for individuals who love gaming. Users receive points every time they submit a correct answer. Learning is through repetition, speaking and conversations. As the user progresses, the lessons get a bit complicated. Duolingo focuses on the commonly used tenses to allow users quickly learn their language of choice.


TranslatorKnowledge of a variety of languages can be useful in boosting your career path. A new language exposes one to a variety of occupations that need excellent communication and language skills. Additionally, the knowledge opens up new opportunities in dream careers and others you might not have imagined. Below, we look at a list possible careers you are likely to indulge in with knowledge of foreign languages.

1. Translation

A translator is involved in translating written material from one language to another. The materials could be product manuals, legal documents, business reports, song lyrics, websites, subtitles in movies or even books. Translation needs excellent writing and speaking skills in the foreign and native language. With an additional language, you can be self-employed by sourcing clients on your own. You can also work for translation agencies and embassies.


englishThe world is fast getting tightly connected than ever before. From the world business, to career life to the different cultures that demand the close knit of many people. All this has necessitated the need to learn several languages. Learning a second language also helps in a better functioning of your brain and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. However, not every language is marketable. Well, what do you need to learn?

1.       English

Although not the most spoken world language, most countries use it as the official language. Top films, music and books are also published in English. Half of the internet content is also in English. Learning English is a valuable investment.


duolingoThe world has translated learning into a digital platform where you don’t have to deal with bulky dictionaries and textbooks. You can quickly learn a foreign language at the comfort of your couch. However, there are so many scams online that claim to offer foreign language training. All in all, there are those legitimate sites that have helped many individuals in their foreign language learning.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a renowned site known to offer six European languages- English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Swedish. Language learning activities in Duolingo are fun and ideal for people who love gaming. The user needs to learn the languages using some tiny hearts and compete with other members. If the case of a wrong answer, then the user loses the hearts.


Be CuriousForeign Language learning is involving in the beginning. Even the most renowned polyglots swear by this fact. However, the lessons get easier with time. Most language tutors state that only ten out of every twenty students complete a foreign language course. The other half gives up along the way. So, which are these factors that hinder learners from successfully learning a foreign language?

1. Lack of curiosity

A foreign language is a strange thing that you have never experienced. As a result, it calls for interest from students to succeed. Your attitude towards the target culture and language determines how successful you emerge. Learners who are naturally curious tend to be more receptive and ready to interact with native speakers to learn the language intensively.


Study onlineLearning a foreign language can be a tedious activity. However, with a positive mind and willingness to learn, you can learn easily. In most cases, learning languages do not have to be expensive. You can quickly master your language of choice all free. So, which is the best way to learn foreign languages?

1. Online resources

The internet has thousands of resources at the disposal of interested parties. From online newspapers to magazines to every other resource a person willing to learn foreign languages can use. Better still, some materials come with videos where you can listen and read as you learn. The best part is that you get most of these resources without spending a coin.


study partnersLearning a new language has never been easy. It is even worse if you are planning to indulge in the activity when already an adult. The many projects in your mind may disrupt your learning. However, you can simplify the deal. Below, we look at top-rated tricks that will help you in the new language learning.

1. Find a partner

Human beings are not an island. Getting a partner to learn with you a new language can be more successful than you ever thought. Choose someone who is interested in the same venture as you. It will make both of you motivated, push each other to learn more and have the wit to outdo the one another.